Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to get out the Christmas movies and drive my family nuts!

I'm a Christmas movie nut.  It doesn't even have to be a Christmas movie even, it might just have a small part about Christmas, and I still feel compelled to watch it this time of year!  Here are a few of my favorites....
Elf (Smiling is my favorite)

Christmas Vacation


The Christmas Story

While you were Sleeping

You've got Mail
(Yes, there's only a small part about Christmas in this...but any excuse to watch it!)

The Grinch (NOT the Jim Carrey one...)

The Year without a Santa Claus

Maybe I'll go easy on my family and only watch these on the weekends....we'll see....


  1. Oh goody... I love Elf so much I could watch it daily!!!

  2. YUp- I agree...except for #2. The Griswolds make my teeth itch!
    Can I have a double scoop of Elf instead, pretty please? ::smiling sweetly::

  3. oh what about miracle on 34th street? But Elf is my favorite!