Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ah...Fresh Start

What is it about January that makes me want to buy new linens, pillows, stacks of soap, cleaning supplies, and bags of toiletries? 

(photo:  Victoria)
Maybe it's all the "White Sales" or maybe just my time to clean out, reorganize and restock.

(photo: Victoria)
This is also the month when I scheme up all my decorating projects for the year. Then...I slowly tell my husband about my plans....but only one at a time, so his head doesn't explode.

(I'm so sorry...I don't remember whose blog or site I grabbed this photo from.  If it's yours, please take have fabulous taste!  This will be my inspiration for my dining room!)

I'm dreaming of a creamy ivory dining room, and have been collecting some unique and fabulous accessories...but you can't see them until it's all done!  I'm also going to work on making my Family Room and Breakfast nook even more cottage-y with Creams, Reds, and Blacks. 
I'll be sure to take some "befores" and of course the "afters.

But...I've still got to get going on my bedroom inspiration that I posted months ago.  Haven't done a thing on it yet

(Cara McBroom design)