Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back from the Beach

Well, we're back from the Beach.  We had a good time, but it's great to be home and get into the Christmas Spirit.  As vacations go, it was know, typical for us....let's see...Olivia jumped off he bed and accidently landed on my toe...thought it was fractured for awhile there...hobbled around for about a day.   Then, I fell down the stairs (there were ALOT of stairs in this house) and now have a bruise the size of Texas on my thigh.  Then, I bent down to put a pair of shoes on the stairs and hit my head on the sharp end of the stair rail...Yes...most of this was physical injury to me...which is typical.  Then, Shawn, who drove the entire way and back, came down with a pretty bad cold. 
Needless to say....we were thankful to be together on Thanksgiving even though everything was going the way it usually does on vacation!  What can I say?  We are homebodies...we love being home!

Now I'm ready to start decorating, shopping and baking.  Note to self:  if you go away for the week of Thanksgiving....You will be the ONLY one that does not have your Christmas lights up in your neigborhood when you get home! 
(photos:  Southern Living)

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