Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pantry Makeover

A few weeks ago, Serena, from Farm Chicks, featured a photo of her pantry.  I immediately became enamored with it, and thought "what if I could turn my mess of a pantry into something like this?"
Well, I got a little bored last Saturday night, (yes folks, that's a wild Saturday night at our house!) and gave it a try.  I forgot to take a before photo, but trust me, it was a mess.  Here's the finished product:

After looking at these photos, a few things become apparent:
1.  I need to go grocery shopping.  Man cannot live on EasyMac and cupcake sprinkles alone.  But for the record, my daughter would like to give this a try. 
2.  There is still WAY too much Christmas candy in the house.  If I eat it all, it won't be there for tempatation anymore, right?
3.  Yes, there is a can of SPAM in the lower left corner.  It has been there forever and will be there forever because it almost never expires.  My husband just likes to have it around so he can say "hey, in case of an extreme emergency, we always have the SPAM....it never expires!"
4.  My husband won't go in the pantry now.  This level of organization makes him slightly uneasy.  I kind of like that a little. 
5.  Even though my pantry isn't as colorful as Serena's, and I don't actually use all the ingredients in mine, like I'm sure she does....I still love it.  I go in there now and just gaze at the shelves.  But don't tell anyone....that's a little weird. 


  1. it looks so great! I should do mine! I loved her photo too! I just have more food than space!

  2. I just want an actual pantry to do that with. Mine is in a cupboard and it is super deep and irritating. It has slide out drawers but that is just not the same thing! Looks awesome!