Saturday, December 19, 2009

Enjoying the Season

Now that all my rushing around is done, I'm really enjoying the season.  My daughter and I baked Christmas cookies today (the kind you just do for the experience with your child - they didn't really look good enough to photograph! )   Here's a glimpse of our tree...


And, on a totally unrealated subject, since I just got around to looking at our pictures from the beach (Thanksgiving week) are a couple from that week....

This was a cute little nook I liked on the 3rd floor of the house we rented....

I thought this was interesting (????)

Anyway, back to the present.  I am so enjoying spending time with my family at Christmas.  Tomorrow, we take our daughter to the "North Pole Express."  The kids get to wear their P.J's, drink hot cocca and see Santa.  My daughter is a little concerned, and keeps asking "we aren't really going to the North Pole, are we?"  She's remembering a few of the scarier moments from Polar Express and wants to make sure that's not in store for her!

Hope you are enjoying the Holidays!


  1. First, may I say your home and tree look like a photo shoot for a magazine. Absolutely, totally gorgeous. And I love that little nook....third floor? It would be like being in a tower, how cool! Your daughter is beautiful! Thanks for the nice little break!

  2. your blog design makes me swoon, and your tree is beautiful! hope you had fun at the beach... also looks beautiful!

  3. such a beautiful tree! Have a very merry christmas!