Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daytrippin' to Miami

Yep...this is how I roll.  I hopped on a private jet to Miami for a day trip.  Had Fillet Mignon for dinner on the plane, and an Escalade waiting on the runway to escort me to my hotel.  Travel in style, that's my motto.
Okay, this is NOT exactly how I roll.  But every once in a great, great while (we're talking maybe 5 times in 8 years...) this lowly, middle management, cubicle dwelling, non-ladder climbing, worker bee gets to climb aboard our company's jet and go to exciting (or sometimes, not so exciting) locales.  
I have to say, it is a luxury that I would never take for granted.  It does spoil you, though, and you NEVER want to travel comerical again! (Warm mixed nuts in a little glass cup, people.....waiting for us when we boarded in the don't get that on American...)
Miami was a beautiful, balmy 78 degrees. 

Now, it's back to reality and my GRAY cubicle, where I will crunch numbers and do other mundane tasks. 
(Note:  this is NOT my cublicle.  Mine is slightly larger, with no faux wood trim, and a much lighter GRAY.  I also have color coordinated folders and office supplies, of course.)  It's good to get out every now and then. 

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  1. Hi Leslie. Cool jet. Something not quite as cool on my blog for you but come check it out!!!!!!!!